Working with Glenyce has truly changed my life. In the last 18 months I have completely changed my financial situation, and I have never been sooooooo happy. Not only has it changed my life, but it had also touched the lives of the people around me. Just a few months ago hubby and I were chatting and we both realized how awesome our lives are now. Our relationship has changed into something that works for both of us. We were laughing about some of the crazy things we did or said “back in the day”. We have created everything we have desired in our lives so far and We are creating money by doing what we love everyday. How Does It Get Any Better than that?! The really cool thing is, I wonder what else is possible for our kids now? So grateful for Glenyce and how awesome she is. Katherine Oster, Canada

Power Performance Horses,

Glenyce is an exceptional facilitator. Her ability to gently and kindly yet with her tremendous potency to assist you overcome the barriers that inhibit you is outstanding. If you are choosing dynamic change and having fun while doing it Glenyce is the lady to work with. JENNIFER RANDIVE, Dubai

CEO-U of Your Life and Living,

There are many Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators, but there is something about Glenyce that draws me to her and her beautiful, loving, kind, expansive, creative, fun energy time and time again. There is so much in her delivery that resonates with me. I have listened to many of her calls, that are consistently amazing. I have also had 1-1 sessions with Glenyce over the phone, which helped me enormously. Thank you for all you do Glenyce. HELEN, IRELAND

Working with Glenyce has been life changing!! She is so down to earth, positive and open! Glenyce has been a facilitator, teacher, friend and mentor for me and I’m so grateful!! She has a common sense approach to ideas that are not ‘common’ and makes the content so easy to apply to your own stuff!! It’s just fantastic!! She’s so honest and has such awesome topics that gently guide you into just wanting to try it out and play with it!! She is such a bright light who shares openly, uses all her talents and abilities to assist you to create more, is so professional and a wonderful facilitator!! I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!! Tracy, Canada

Glenyce has a energy that lights up the world with joy and allows us to experience new possibilities that create lives that contribute to our world with that same joy and ease. What could be better than that? Her teachings and tools are fantastic simple and fun. She has a way of taking the tools and making them make sense. I listen to her radio show almost daily and it has been such a contribution to my life .I’ve taken her classes and have a loop playing in my ear most days. She has been a blessing to me and to our world.The fact that she is a medium like myself and that she loves to play with the Angels and essential oils like I do is just so reassuring. The world is ready now for us all to share our gifts and I am so very grateful Glenyce has shared her gifts with us, with me and with our world! Thank You Thank You Thank You! Susan Reis, USA

Glenyce has an uncommon ability to teach a concept, that may at first be difficult to grasp, by breaking it down into pieces. And she goes a step further by fully supporting you when you work on that concept, stumble and stand…with her hand gently on your back. I will be forever grateful to her for uplifting my consciousness and inspiring my life of ease, joy and glory! As I begin the journey of bringing my newest book to the world, the tools she has given me will allow me to stay in alignment with the joyful “be-ing” that I am! Thank you Glenyce for transforming my business and my life! Chris Makell, USA

Speak and Author,

I originally went to Glenyce for some peace after losing my father in a very difficult way. I fell in love with her energy, the laughter and the lightness she exudes. I’ve now taken classes with her and able to talk to others that have crossed myself. What a gift!

I’ve listened to many of her radio shows and she has brought me out of a life of fear and hiding to one of freedom and joy. She is a life changer, no doubt about that. Veta, Canada

Thanks to you and your mediumship work, I have been able to be in this world anytime in any situation because I now know and trust my awareness! I also no longer make anything significant which has catapulted my work as a coach to a whole new level. I am able to be fully present in my life and the lives of my clients without being affected by energies that aren’t mine. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life? JULIE PERKINS, USA

Glenyce is brilliant, kind, full of infectious laughter and joy!  Her clearings have created such amazing change for me around money, attracting clients, getting unstuck and soooo much more.  I am so grateful for the gift she is! Alex Cadabra Vogal, USA

I have taken some classes and training with Glenyce for my mediumship development. She is very thorough, professional, compassionate and entertaining as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for something more out of life. Connie Prytula, Canada

I have followed Glenyce with interest for the last couple of years, receiving her newsletter always packed full of great tips and useful tools, listening to her radio show and have had the privilege of doing a teleclass with her. I love her sense of humour and her innate joy of life, her down to earth manner of how to be the magic and embrace all of life. I love to follow her on Facebook and so enjoy her adventures and positive outlook. I look forward to attending more of her classes in person. Thank you Glenyce for truly being the change the world requires now, and in such a playful fun way! Cass Hepburn, BC, Canada

I have listened to Glenyce now for over six months on the radio and listen when I am working up in my workshop … She has made me rethink how I do business and how not to let the business rule me … For a while I was struggling bevause I was doing so many different things at once and everyone was telling me that that was wrong !!! In the end I wasnt even finishing anything … I pod and poced all that with Glenyce’s help and her clearings … I love listening to this bubbly, giggly Lady …I finally set up my Etsy shop after humming and hawing for so long … Thanks Glenyce … Del O Leary, Ireland


As a regular listener to Glenyce’s weekly Voice America radio show, and subscriber to her email list for constantly awesome and useful insights, update and gifts, I am wishing to say that Glenyce “walks her talk” better than almost anyone I’ve come across in many decades. Thank you Glenyce for the ever-expanding contribution you are to my life and living! What else is possible?!? R.A.L.West, USA,

I’ve been listening to Glenyce’s radio for the last couple of months and it has been a phenomenal journey! It’s as if she knew at the moment what my life was like and in her way had those magical tools show up in her program.  From doing classes to making money as if by magic to having the right people show up in my life! And when things weren’t quite right in my life she had an inspiring program and calls in addition to it called When life falls apart! It’s lifted me, it’s reminded me of who I truly be and that I am so grateful for that! It was the inspiration to get out of my hole that I so did not want to be in yet it was my automatic response to the events! Thank you for letting me know there is way more! Thank you for being the difference and invitation to be that in my life! How did I get so lucky to have met you?

Karina Jurado, USA

I have never heard a radio host quite like Glenyce! I find her incredible happiness, enthusiasm & joy radiates from her every word & it is enthralling! She makes things fun!  & more importantly, she makes it all make sense for me & opens up more possibilities than I had considered..

Glenyce’s ability to encourage me to pursue more of creating Me.. my business.. my general Life, when it all fell apart via a Radio show, no less!  has been a gift that few might understand.

I appreciate the time, & strength she gives to everyone, in providing the tools to improve lives… KATE, Canada

Glenyce’s radio show is amazing! I listen in every week and re-listen until the next show. She is very down to earth and helpful, she can make me laugh or cry and always has great advice. I enjoy that she shares personal stories and her topics are always interesting. Bonnie, Canada