Business is NOT a four letter word!

It’s time to quit creating someone’s dream and making someone else rich.
You’re frustrated, working more hours, making less than you know is possible.
You’re often wondering if there is more possible for your business.
You’re exhausted having only one stream of revenue.
No clue how to take your business from ho-hum to cha-ching to ba-da-boom to HALLELUJAH!
This is exactly what I’m here to help you with!
Building, cultivating and exponentializing your business.

I’m Glenyce Hughes

What makes my eyes sparkle and my heart beat is empowering AWESOME-preneurs to create their business beyond their wildest dreams. I’ve been successfully creating businesses for almost 30 years with the start of my very first business at the age of 13 mixing and peddling bath salts.

about glenyce hughesBusiness is done in so many different ways and I have created my own recipe for success. Many businesses credit my wit, charm and keen sense of insight for their wealth-tastic success and longevity.
Through my FREE online program, 3 Magic Tricks To Triple Your Business Right Away, I provide AWESOME-preneurs with action steps to create your dream business, bring in more clients and make more sales all while balancing work and life with immense ease.
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I’m the business rockstbigstarr!

  • I’ve created thousands of successful virtual e-courses and live, in person classes teaching AWESOME-preneurs to bust down their business challenges, identify possibilities and make money with ease.
  • I’m a Best Selling author and respected go-to authority with many appearances in the main stream media, online press and as a guest expert for various tele-summits and conferences.
  • I’m a successful radio show personality and sought after radio show guest. My own show, Living In The Magic of Possibilities on Voice America, boasted over 1 million listeners in 2015.
  • Continuously creating a luxurious 6 figure income while traveling internationally for pleasure and business.

The short of it is Glenyce has taken the form of what business used to look like and has magnetized it to the shape it is today for herself and her legions of clients.  From Bath Salt Merchant to THE Business Rockstar, Glenyce has taken on new spaces as the roles in her life have changed.  Glenyce is a down to earth, witty, friendly and extremely personable thus the reason she has been able to to win fans around the world.
When this internationally acclaimed public speaker is not travelling the globe – facilitating workshops, assisting business owners or attending empowerment conferences she’s she’s spending time with her family in their luxurious home which overlooks the pristine Alberta countryside.  Hubby Rodney, and two fur-babies, Gromit and Lady Tottington (Totty). Yes they are named after characters in hubby’s favorite English clay animation comedies, Wallace and Gromit.
Born and raised on a farm near Turtleford, Saskatchewan, Glenyce’s spark for entrepreneurship was ignited by her parents, Carole and Wayne, who are both AWESOME-preneurs. Never a dull moment on the Turtleford Farm, Glenyce is grateful for the long-standing relationships she has with her four sisters, their families and parents.
With her fondness of nature you’ll always find her near a serene body of water, whether its at the family cabin in the summer or lounging on the beach in the tropics escaping the harsh Canadian winter.